Austin’s Changemakers: Brooke Rodd

What is Austin’s Changemakers?

I am in the process of creating a beautiful coffee table book that will feature Austin’s Changemakers and Their Advice for the Younger Generation. I am mindfully selecting Changemakers over the age of 40 who have personally inspired me and dramatically influenced the landscape of Austin, whether it be through music, art, fashion, business or beyond. Stay tuned!

About Brooke Rodd

Brooke Rodd owns a boutique of the same name near 6th and N. Lamar in Austin, TX.

She is a born and raised New Yorker. She began working as a young girl at her family’s recording studio, The Hit Factory Recording Studio in NYC and later moved on to become a prominent career executive in the music industry working with Clive Davis, Carly Simon, Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, Carlos Santana, Aretha Franklin, Bon Jovi and Kings of Leon to name a few.

As the music business began to change, Brooke began to photograph many of the talented musicians she was working with. Eventually she found herself in the NYC world of fashion photography and through styling her photo shoots she soon realized her true passion was none of the above.

After a cross country move to LA in 2009, Brooke created her first line of dresses in 2011 and began selling them out of her garage in Venice California. The line gained popularity around LA and Brooke was soon cast on the Sundance Channel’s ‘All on the Line with Joe Zee’ alongside Nicole Richie and other prominent fashion designers. A win on that reality TV show afforded Brooke the opportunity to open her first shop in Santa Monica California.

Brooke now owns three shops in LA and one in Austin. She is driven by a lifelong appreciation for effortless style and straight up fun. From women’s clothing to jewelry to homewares to kids and to babies, there is something for everyone. Most recently, Brooke found a way to merge her music business past with her present when she opened a flagship store in Austin Texas. At the Austin store, Brooke hosts live music events during SXSW and ACL, as well as events throughout the year for various musical artists.

How We Connected

When I walked into her shop a few months ago, we connected immediately. Before I knew everything you just read above about her life, I intuitively knew that this beautiful woman had a kaleidoscope of life experience. Beyond her physical beauty, she has a warm heart. Friendly. Curious. Funny. Radically honest. Genuinely authentic.

I truly hope you can feel the warmth and wisdom of her soul through these beautiful photographs, which we took in May of 2024 at her Flagship store in Austin, TX.

Her Advice for the Younger Generation

Six things I wish I knew in my 20’s:
  1. Trust your gut! Don’t feel the need to run everything by others before making a decision (unless of course, you’re a wild success and it’s your business manager). Trust your gut with your health.  Trust your gut with love.  Listen to your inner voice, the one that you hum over to try to silence.  It’s usually trying to tell you something, especially when something isn’t right.
  2. Work on your handshake.  For real.  A solid handshake and eye contact go a long way personally and professionally.
  3. Stop apologizing for everything.  Instead of saying “I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you yesterday” try saying “Thanks so much for your patience…”.
  4. Travel while you’re young. Marriage, kids, jobs… they all get in the way.  Take that backpack trip to Spain and stay in a hostel.  You’ll never regret it.  I never did it and I wish I had.
  5. Do the preventative Botox thing.  Once those “elevens” set in, they can’t be undone
  6. Make your female friendships a priority.  Nurture them as you would nurture your lover.  You’re gonna really need them later in life.


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