Dawn and Hawkes Antone’s Nightclub Austin

Dawn and Hawkes, an Austin-based Indie-folk Americana duo at the iconic Antone’s Nightclub in Austin, Texas

The first time I heard Dawn and Hawkes was on Easter at Greune Hall. I didn’t have my camera that day (or a business card either, which by the way my husband enjoys giving me a hard time for because although I have an endless supply at home, I rarely have them on me) but I approached Miranda Dawn after the show and expressed my newfound love for her band and asked if I could photograph them sometime. I explained that I didn’t have a card but briefly showed her my Instagram grid. She immediately told me that I didn’t need cards. She said, “show them your work and they’ll never forget you.” I’ll never forget that statement. Still, I should probably carry cards. 🙂

I have since become close friends with Miranda Dawn and Chris Hawkes. I have photographed them many times. I am most excited to document them as they record their new album at ARLYN studios, Austin’s premier recording studio, in the coming weeks. I adore everything about them – their music, who they are, and how they live.

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