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And that’s a wrap!

On the 2019 busy season! Last session of the season almost didn’t happen. For the first time, I showed up to shoot last night… without a battery in my camera. There was no time to go home and get the battery and make it back before the sun set. I had two clients back to…

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For Love of the Gift: #CourageousClaire

Earlier this week, I posted in search of a family going through a tough time. A family that would cherish the gift of photography for years to come. Stories flooded in. Stories of heartbreak but also incredible hope, love and strength. I wish I was able to photograph all of these families and hope to…

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For Love of the Gift: Holiday Session Giveaway

Do you know a family going through a hard time? Would the gift of photography be a blessing they cherish for years to come? The season of giving is the best time of the year. My ability to capture love and create beautiful art through photography is a gift, but it wouldn’t truly be a…

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