Hey, I'm Melanie!

I'm a country girl at heart. I grew up on some land outside of College Station, Texas with my Mom, Dad and Sister. Some of my favorite memories are riding horses and four wheelers, fishing down at the pond, flying down the zip line at a dangerous speed, building "haygloos" (an igloo but with hay blocks!) and picking dewberries along the side of the road. The thing I loved the most about my youth were the daily adventures. No day was the same. With land to roam, critters to find, an extremely creative and present mother and willing-to-entertain father, our days were truly filled with excitement!

The escapades of my youth surely shaped the direction of my art. I am a documentary photographer. I aim to capture people and life in the most candid and natural way. I have found that less direction yields more authenticity. My clients would tell you how easy it is for them to be themselves around me. They would also tell you to book the session, go for the adventure and treasure the memories captured.

When I'm not working with my camera, I love to listen to live music, spend time in nature, practice yoga, play golf, go to the lake, craft yummy vegan food and make memories with my girls (they're 10 and 7!) and hubs.

Over the past 15 years, my photographs have been published across notable platforms including Forbes Magazine, Texas Monthly, Austin Monthly, The Scout Guide, The Wall Street Journal, Yoga Journal, MAXIM, Austin Woman Magazine, Luxe Interiors + Design and more.

Thank you for believing in my vision and trusting me with your memories.


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