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Spring at the Sekrit Theater in Austin, Texas Mini Sessions

Spring has sprung! Lush, green leaves are growing from the vines. Flowers are blooming. The sun is shining. The weather is perfect. Best time of the year in Austin, Texas. No better place to capture the vibrancy of Spring than the Sekrit Theater. The Sekrit Theater is an unexpected wonderland. The antique greenhouse is a…

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P L E A S E send me allll of the N E W B O R N S austin, texas

I love newborn sessions. Like, a lot. So much. Please. Please. Cherry on top for sure! Please, send me all of your friends who are having a baby soon. “Oh my goodness Melanie – these photos are amazing!! I could not be more happy with how they turned out, and with how easy it was…

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Ras Redwine is the Best Damn Hatter in Texas

When I stumbled into a hat shop last year, time froze. I could barely process the overload of information my brain was downloading from the world I’d stepped into. Every single square inch of the shop was filled with vibrantly colored and very unique materials, equipment, art, musical instruments and so many hats. Lukas Nelson…

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