Absolute Show Stopper Family Lifestyle Session Along South Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas

I knew the moment I walked up their photographs would be incredible. They looked absolutely perfect. They were smiling and excited (maybe a little nervous – everyone is!). Their spirits were warm, welcoming and bright. I was ready to make it happen!

A couple of things to note about this session: First, their wardrobe – while they all have their own look, it goes very well together. Complimentary is the key word in wardrobe selection – always. I also felt like what they were wearing really reflected their unique personal style. They were also comfortable. Say it with me – comfortable. When you feel comfortable, it will reflect greatly in the photographs. Second thing to notice, they were relaxed the entire time. As a parent, I often feel like a duck swimming in the lake when it comes to appearance. We look beautiful, cool and collected as the water just rolls off our feathers, but underneath it all we are paddling like the dickens trying to fight the wind and stay away from snapping turtles (and avoid the dreaded toddler meltdown). They played this off with a 2 and a half year old very well. They just let him be Ari. And when it comes to photo shoots, that’s exactly the way to be.

I am so crazy in love with these photographs. When it comes to capturing their love and life – their real life, I think I pretty much nailed it! It’s cliché to say “capture the magic” and I do sometimes, because I feel like my job is pretty magical. But this it’s what it’s really all about – “capture their truth”.

Show. Stoppers.

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