Amanda + Jeff: Wedding at The Addison Grove in Austin, Texas

I take a very documentary-style approach to photographing weddings. There is so much personal meaning that goes into each perfectly curated detail. I study the environment and observe emotions. Between documenting the details, I capture moments that happen in a split second… moments that reflect love, grace, peace, wonder, excitement and a deep shared connection. Together, all of the details and moments that make up the wedding day tell a really solid story.

Photographing weddings is a natural fit for me because I’m high energy. I never stop moving. I rarely use a zoom lens. I prefer fixed lenses like 35mm or 58mm. My feet are my zoom tool and I try to capture every angle, because each angle tells a different story.

I am a historian of these individual lives. To capture their wedding day in a complete and candid way will allow their story to be relived and retold in the future through my photographs.

I love love. I love to create. I feel more aligned with my purpose at weddings than anywhere else. I photograph weddings because I must. It is a unique opportunity to create art out of an incredibly authentic and intimate experience.

Camera Body: Nikon Z7
Lens: Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4
Location: Austin, Texas
Photographer: Melanie Applegate

Here are some of my favorite shots:

Melanie Applegate is a documentary lifestyle photographer based in Austin, Texas. For more than a decade, she has worked with families, couples (weddings!), artists, athletes, musicians and other business professionals. Her work can be found in Forbes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Yoga Journal, Texas Monthly, Austin Monthly, MAXIM, Austin Woman Magazine, Luxe Magazine and more.

Inspired by connection and living adventurously, she aims to create art that captures humor, truth, love and kindness.

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