Happy 6th Birthday Little Dreamer

6 years ago today my life was forever changed when the tiniest, most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen came earthside. She is a force. She is full of love and light and energy and ideas and soul. She is the littlest one who ever stole my heart. She has been and will always be one of life’s greatest gifts to me.

Dream big, babe. Believe in magic. When you can’t see the sunshine, make your own. Be kind and keep an open mind. Be present in each moment, tomorrow is not promised. Find balance. Be brave. Do the right thing, even when it’s the hard thing. Don’t lose your wild. Above all else, follow your heart and love hard. May you always know that you are enough. The world is a better place with you in it. Happy 6th birthday, Ems! Shine bright!

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