Love more boldly. Live more deeply.

Love more boldly. Live more deeply.

For me, this season of life feels sort of like I hopped on a never-ending tilt-a-whirl ride. At times, it can be really fun, but it’s certainly intense and there are most definitely unexpected twists around every turn.

During these out-of-control circumstances, I find myself mindfully grounding back to what’s important. Here’s what’s most important to me: my people, my heart and my craft.

Regardless of the natural manic state of this existence, I will make every effort to encourage, motivate and and continue to get to know my people. When I give them my attention, it will be undivided. I will celebrate every milestone no matter how big or small. I will be honest and true and do my best to lead by example. I will allow the hard stuff to be recognized and worked through. And I will allow the light of love to shine into even the darkest corners of my heart.

Knowing that vision values action, I will pour my soul into telling stories in the most complete and authentic way by fiercely exploring the full extent of my craft. I will dive deeply into what I have not yet created, but could. Although I look towards the future, I will be happy with what I’ve accomplished so far. And above all, I will capture my clients through a lens of grace.

How can YOU love more boldly and live more deeply this year?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

XOXO, Melanie

Melanie Applegate is an Austin-based documentary lifestyle photographer, a purveyor of the photographic arts. She is inspired by connection and adventure. Her work captures humor, love, truth and kindness. She loves to create and photographs because she must.

Between documenting details, she captures moments that happen in a split second… moments that reflect love, grace, wonder and a deep shared connection.

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