Outdoor Cake Smash at Covert Park at Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas

What is a cake smash? It’s the new ‘smash’ trend taking one-year-old milestone photo sessions by storm. The smash cake is usually a small cake (highly recommend ordering a cake from Wyeth Pâtisserie–best you’ve ever had) made for the baby to do whatever they want with! The idea behind the smash cake is to ceremoniously give your baby their first real taste of a sugary treat. Surprisingly, not all babies go after the cake. Others dig right in! The reactions and faces are absolutely priceless.

Take the smash sesh one step further and let’s capture some beautiful images of the whole family (before the mess of course!) to remember this super sweet season of life.

I love outdoor cake smash sessions in Austin because not only do we have the perfect weather for it (especially right now), but it also allows for some seriously gorgeous backdrops for both the beautiful family photos and smash setup in general. Ready to book? Let’s connect.

I am loving the rustic, boho vibe from this session!

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