Retro At Home Newborn Lifestyle Session in Austin, Texas

My inspiration and vision for every session hits the hardest within the first 5 minutes of shooting. For that reason, I don’t do a whole lot of investigation or planning before-hand. Some might say fail to plan, plan to fail. Not me!
Even with an individual client or family, there are always ever-evolving circumstances. It would be impossible for me to have a clear idea of my task before I step into the moment. Once I am able to sense their energy and its relevance to the context of where we are shooting, it is only then that the vision is developed and begins to come to life. I also try to remain as flexible as possible throughout our session. Often we start in one direction and end up going another. That’s just part of it.
I have only one rule: go with the flow. Bottom line, I want my clients to feel like a session with me is a real, wild adventure. I could never settle for offering a cookie cutter experience.
I was feeling all of the old soul vibes with this newborn session. I knew the final product would be super retro – just like I wanted! I was feeling super 70s with this one.
There was also this energy in the air that just needed to be refreshed so to speak. I had the gift of brightening their morning and I’m certain I also provided some much needed comic relief – because let’s honest, I’m totally off the wall (at all times).
Welcome to the world, Deacon!

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