Signs of Life


The trees are beginning to flower and beautiful colors are appearing around every corner. The sun is shining! I can finally pull the shorts and tank tops out of my closet. Oh, and I’ve been hitting the gym… hard.

Spring’s big launch is giving me life. 

Every year, when this season rolls along, I attempt to channel all of my new inspired energy into positive change. I try to cultivate new habits and break old ones. For me, Spring has always been a symbol of rebirth. I truly believe that at any time, I can make changes in my life that lead to more happiness, health, success, peace and kindness. 

As I reflect on the past year (surely one of the most challenging of all time!), I am thankful for a forced slow-down and more time with the people I love. However, the slow-mo life exposed some of the nitty-gritty I was able to shove under the rug, so to speak, in faster years past. In light of that exposure, I am certainly trying to find more grace (for myself) and patience (with others). I also hope to forever embrace a slower life. The ability to live slow and be present is such a gift. 

As flowers and trees continue to bloom, I will be reminded of my ability to transform into a vibrant rainbow, sharing beauty and hope with all who cross my path.

I’m not the only one who can bring the rainbow vibes… you know you got it. Shine on! 

Keep lovin’ and livin‘ wild and free,


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