SoCo or SoCool Austin Texas Professional Family Lifestyle Photography Session

When they’ve been clients for yeeeeeeaaars and my first encounter with their child was at the hospital, it shows – with regards to photographs. Just a level of comfort and peace of mind, for all of us. I know we’ll just gel and they know that no matter what their day looks like or that session feels like, we’ll get solid gold.

As an artist that worked so hard to find my look – an identity – within my art, I hope that when someone sees my work, they know it’s mine. It has never been my goal to follow a trend or go back in time to a particular style or even try to create an entirely new style, my style is just my style. It’s a collection of every thing I love about works of art that span the course of many decades. It’s a marriage of what I consider the best of all eras. I hope it shows.

Hazzard fam, I adore in you every way. Thank you for continuing to make me part of your journey. I am forever grateful.

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