The thought of booking your family photo session is overwhelming… and…

As a busy mama myself, I understand that the thought of booking your family photo session is overwhelming. So many questions and fears. What do we wear? Should I get my hair and makeup done? What if I’m not in the kind of shape I wish I was for pictures? What if my husband is less than enthused? What if the weather doesn’t cooperate? What location is a good fit? What if my kids are having a rough day and it turns into an absolute circus?

The fear of commitment is REAL. The keepsake of precious moments turned into memories, photographs, is also REAL. There’s good news. I don’t photograph perfect people, because they don’t exist. And your kids won’t scare me away. Come to me as you are. My sessions are laid-back and playful. No stuffy poses. In the words of Matthew McConaughey, “you just gotta keep livin, man, l-i-v-i-n”. You live, you love, I follow, I snap. Let’s go for an adventure.

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