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Ryan, the way you’re bringing people together and elevating other artists is remarkable. Your vision is an inspiration! Your talent is obvious. You got something real cool goin’ on! Excited to follow your journey and hope to be a part of it!

I saw you standing there by the boots with your cool hair and chill vibes and completely left the conversation I had going with a friend. I immediately turned and snapped your portrait. Caught you off guard. Remembered my manners. Introduced myself and said, “Who are you? You are so cool! Are you selling boots? What are you doing here?” You told me your son was slinging burgers outside.

Later on I spotted that amazing stylist chair. I needed an epic shot of the right person in it. It had to be you! Later @rodneybursielgallery told me you had been SRV’s drummer. Of course you were! Thanks for letting me snap your portrait. You’re rad!

A chance encounter with Rodney Bursiel at Trovador this afternoon. I was stoked to connect with this guy! He has gracefully and authentically captured some of the greatest musicians of our time. Moreover, he has captured beautiful moments of majestic animals in the wild. Y’all go check out his work and take home a print— it literally covers the walls at Trovador Custom Hats & Gallery on the Eastside in Austin, Texas.

Melanie, founder of Wild Sparrow Photo Co., is a renowned natural light documentary lifestyle photographer in Austin, Texas. Her work has been published for more than 15 years.

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