Ultimate Guide to Realtor Headshots

How to Get Great Realtor Headshots

Leveraging your image can help you stand out in an oversaturated market. These tips will help you feel prepared for your headshots and content creation lifestyle session.

You already know that realtors are in the business of relationships. The perfect way to market for relationships is by showing your face. This gives people an opportunity to connect with you. Your photographs give them a glimpse into your personality and your lifestyle. Having updated and high quality content is crucial for realtors.

People Find You Online

Even if you’re networking and relying on word-of-mouth referrals, statistics show that 41% of homebuyers’ first step during the buying process was to look at properties online. Building your online presence will make it more likely that these people will find your business the day they need you.

First Impression Matters

Studies show that clients size up your likability, trustworthiness and competence in 1/10 of a second. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the case of your online presence, that picture could be worth thousands of dollars for your business.

Get Clarity on Your Message

What is your specialty? If your area of expertise lies in luxury homes, you’ll want pictures that communicate that level of professionalism. If you primarily sell condos in the city, your images should look different than the prior. Choose a location that reflects your area of expertise.

Find a Professional Photographer

You likely have a friend of family member with a DSLR camera, but capturing professional lifestyle headshots is more about correct lighting and coaching than it is about equipment.

The best way to hire the right photographer is to ask your network for recommendations. Once you’ve gotten names, check their portfolio to make sure their work resonates with you. Check client review to make sure you’ll have a great experience.

What to Wear

Sticking with simple guidelines will make choosing your outfit a breeze. I recommend reaching out to your photographer with your top 4 options and letting them give you feedback on what will work best.

Choose outfits that make you feel confident. Confidence translates in images.

Stick with solid colors. Avoid heavy patterns and print. If potential clients are focused on your jewelry or clothes, they won’t be connecting with who you are.

Hair and Makeup for Pictures

Don’t stray far away from the truth. Your headshot should look like you.

Makeup done correctly can make you look like the polished version of your every day without making you look like someone else.

A detail most people don’t consider is the whites of their eyes. It can make or break your image if you’ve got red eyes and your photographer is unable to edit it out. Try Lumify eye drops to brighten your eyes!

Practically everyone with hair is is at risk of having flyaways. They are extremely difficult to edit out. Clear brow gel is a great hack to tame the wild ones.

Day of the Photoshoot Tips

Getting a portrait you love and are willing to put out into the world takes a little forethought and time.

The day before your session, stay out of the sun.

Get plenty of sleep the night before so you feel well-rested.

Prepare your clothing in advance.

Smile in your photographs. Smiling conveys warmth and approachability. This means clients will be more likely to reach out to you! One quick tip for creating an authentic smile is to do a fake laugh (silent in your head or out loud!). Another tip is to take your smile away and bring it back as needed to avoid smile fatigue.

Stand or sit up straight. Having great posture and a head held high signals that confidence and competence that clients are looking for in a realtor.

Relax and trust your photographer. If you’ve hired a professional whose work you love, it’s likely because they know how to light and pose their subject. Walk in ready to be coached. This will take the pressure off yourself and you’ll end up with a more relaxed headshot.

How Often to Update

If it’s been a year or two since your last headshot, consider update your content. If your face on a sign or across social media doesn’t look like your face, you need an update.

If you’re using tons of images for content marketing, it makes sense to update your images more often so that you can increase the amount of content going out. After all, YOU are the brand.

I hope these tried and true tips help you gain confidence and rock your next headshot or content creation lifestyle session!

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