Warm and Moody At Home Newborn Lifestyle Photography Experience Austin Texas

Some photographers specialize in “bright and airy” and others in “warm and moody”. I specialize in documenting your own personal style! When it comes to at home newborn lifestyle photography photographs, the final outcome has to do in large part with the design of your home and your own personal style. Here are a few things will greatly affect the overall tones of your at home photographs: the colors of your walls, the style of your art, the amount of decor and other objects, the texture and colors of your bedding, the upholstery of your furniture and the amount of natural lighting. In addition to your home, the colors, textures and style of what you choose to wear plays into the final outcome of your photographs.

This family’s home was warm, cozy, special touches throughout, painted walls, low natural light, beautiful textures of bedding and upholstery. Their outfits were eclectic and fit their personalities perfectly! I also noticed a room full of instruments so knew music was an important part of this family’s story. Incorporating the guitar felt really natural and added so much to their session.

I love when the photographs reflect the people. It’s so important to authentically present yourselves and your lives to the camera!

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