Women in their 40s: Marybeth

“Working with Melanie and Wild Sparrow is an absolute dream! She is a true genius behind the lens and captures pure magic in a way that feels effortless. Every time, I know the pictures and memories are going to be stunning, and still, she exceeds every expectation. Every time, I’m blown away by the way she sees the world. She is not a cookie cutter photographer. She is not who you go to take a posed and forced family photo. She is who you go to to capture real life, real moments, real feelings in a way that’s honest, gorgeous, and awe-inspiring!” -Marybeth Brady

Part of my new favorite series: Women in their 40s and their advice for younger women

Marybeth Brady is the Founder of Wild Heart Yoga in Austin, TX, where she serves her local and global community through public classes, workshops, sound healing experiences, Yoga Teacher Trainings, International Yoga & Wellness Retreats, and events.

She and I have also been friends for more than 20 years. We share a love for music, yoga, travel and all of the wildling things.

In lieu of sharing her advice for younger women, she wrote a love letter to younger versions of herself.

A Love Letter From Me to All of the Past Versions of Me:

Trust your intuition. This divine wisdom is a part of you. Spend time with her to understand how she speaks, her accents, whispers, and gentle nudges. Become fluent in the language of your heart.

Don’t abandon yourself or make yourself small to make someone else comfortable. You aren’t meant to fit into a box, to wear labels of good/bad/right/wrong. You are vast and brilliant and made of the stars. Own your magic. Be weird and wild and untamed in living your truth. Your people will find you.

Believe in Magic. It’s all around you and within you. The very fact that you’re here, spinning on a blue rock in the middle of outer space, is a miracle. You are a miracle. Treat yourself as such.

No one is going to fight for your dreams like you will. No one is going to wave a magic wand and there is no such thing as the “right time” to say YES to making your dreams a reality. The time is only and always NOW. So start now, create the life you want to live. The Universe is always conspiring in your favor, and she needs to see you take intentional action to fuel your journey.

If it doesn’t simultaneously scare and excite you, dream bigger. Transition, the true pivotal moments of your life, require discomfort. They call it a comfort zone because it’s comfortable. It’s safe. Your ego is here to protect you and will tell you it’s scary and hard, and try to convince you to stay in your comfort zone. These are the moments to remember you are wild and holy and that the Universe rewards the risk takers. Welcome discomfort, it’s the catalyst to change.

Energy attracts like energy, and you dear, are the frequency of love. Treat yourself like the love of your life. This very act will show others your standards of love and care. This is how you call relationships rooted in the same vibration. Love isn’t to be earned. So when you find yourself dimming your light to fit into someone else’s f*cked up version of love, stop, remember who you are, and move on. You are Love.

Location: Star Hill Ranch
Camera Body: Nikon Z7
Lens: Sigma Art 35mm f/1.4

Shout out to Wiley for making us feel welcome, showing us around and helping us bring the vision to life.

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