Austin’s Changemakers: Urban Izzy

From my series: Women over forty and their advice for younger women.

About Urban Izzy

I’m Sarah a Houstonian living in Austin. I love being happy and being positive. I love how a happy mind really creates a happy life. I love fashion and anything outdoors and one of my favorite things is seeing people happy and having fun so I created @urbanizzy in 2011. Started out as Houston 1st fashion truck, traveled around and grateful my husband and I landed back in Texas and I’m part of the cutest co-op shop @thecaravancoop 💛 Hope to see you around!

Her advice for younger women:

“Live everyday to the fullest. Spread joy, kindness and give yourself gratitude and remember these three letters ( GLF ) Give Less Fucks, my older sister told me that and it really stuck with me. Don’t let anything steal your peace, be yourself and always remember how you think is how you radiate.” -Sarah

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